EastEnders’ Denise Is Alive: Most Never Doubted It

You can take it one of two ways; either EastEnders viewers are so intelligent they sussed it as early as the end of last month, or the production of the ‘Denise is Dead’ wasn’t very well executed by the BBC. We’ll let you decide. However viewers of the BBC One saga posted on ATV some interesting views on the storyline, bringing up plot holes even we missed.



To add suspense to the entire proceedings publications were issued with a ‘note’ to not discuss the plot in order to make viewers continue to think Denise was dead, we didn’t get the note so went with asking ATV readers what they thought was going on down Walford way. It proved for interesting reading.


In the plot we saw Denise “strangled” by murdering husband Lucas. Viewers were then lead to believe her body had been dumped in a canal along with her mobile phone…


ATV reader ‘Zoobs’ wasn’t far wrong with the tongue-in-cheek comment “Maybe he is going to do a Dynasty and keep her locked in the attic.”


While ‘Chelsea’ told us “I read the magazine where they pulled the body out of the water. It isn’t her because the body is wearing a black leather jacket. Denise was not.”


Super sleuths or just observant viewers went on to post on ATV with comments such as “I don’t think Denise is dead! The body of that in the river I believe is of the girl her met the other night who looked similar to Denise. I believe he is holding her captive like he did with Jade.” Said Danni and Rich added: “No she’s not dead and that wasn’t her body pulled from the river…. the body pulled had nails which looked false and were painted pink… not Denise’s colour!” Adam wasn’t so impressed with the living… Rubbish script and directing. Denises’ daughters are not upset enough considering their mother is dead. There should be scenes of them breaking down properly.”


‘St0rm’ was spot on with his view: “Lucas strangled Denise, yet they say she killed herself? So she strangled herself and throws herself in the water? And they didn’t realise that during the medical examination (Which they would carry out to determine cause of death) plus the fact the bruising would be there too. Its not her. He’s got her locked away.”


‘Annon’ felt like having a laugh at the poor production standard of the story with “it was not Denise in the morg-the ‘womans’ feet were far too big…Denise was small and petite-was it coco the clown lying there?” and John didn’t hold back “What an embarrassment the script has become. Do the writers really expect us to believe that the police did not check the identity of the victim? How can… writers be paid money to write such crap?” He went on to add, Eastenders is old and tired. The scripts used to be razor sharp with excellent, plausible storylines that were still engaging. Now? Garbage. Slow, dull totally implausible and the cherry on the cake the Denise story.”


‘Need2Know’ added “The police are NOT stupid NOR are the coroners, as I keep saying it’s 2010! The police would OBVIOUSLY have seen her before calling the family to identify her. They don’t just call anyone up to identify a body. It can be any black woman! her height, and shape, her age, everything is taken into consideration, HER LOOKS! The police questioned her for ages so they know what she looks like. The coroner would have seen strangulation marks on her neck.”


“No Denise isn’t dead. The body they pulled out the water had no rings on and Denise had five on earlier in the show.” Nicola added more visual evidence. “The BBC need to watch CSI and stop employing poorly qualified storyliners and writers. The body in the lake was clearly not her, you have to be thick to believe it. Shows the level they think they’re appealing to.” Said Brian.



We also released the results of a poll on July 10th, which showed a huge 98.1% believed Denise was still alive. That was almost all of the 1000 polled, 981 people. 


In the show it was revealed last week that Lucas was keeping Denise captive in the vacant house next door, which suddenly appeared boarded up just before the plot began. It should be pointed out that the BBC Jobs department state that anyone working on EastEnders in a scripting role will have had at least a years experience on other programmes in a similar role before moving to the ‘flagship’ programme to ensure quality.


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