Vicky Entwistle Leaves Coronation Street

Vicky, who plays factory worker Janice Battersby in Coronation Street has decided to leave the soap after nearly 15 years in the role.

1997, and The Battersby family spice-up the street.

The Battersby family arrived as the anti-social ‘family from hell’ in 1997, however over the years the family has fallen apart with only Janice and daughter Lianne (Jane Danson) left in Weatherfield.

In 2005 the character was just one of a number axed by producer Tony Wood, however after discussions incoming producer Steve Frost reprised the character of Janice in 2006.

One of Janice Battersby’s storyline highlights was back in 2005 when she discovered she had headlice or “nits” and decided to shave off all her hair.

Corrie boss Phil Collinson, praised Vicky for her contribution to Coronation Street and remarked on the iconic character she’s created:

“Vicky created a strong and uncompromising battleaxe with a heart of gold lurking underneath – in the true tradition of great Coronation Street women. She’ll be missed by us all and we wish her well…”

Bill Tarmy has decided to call time on Jack Duckworth, Rovers regular for three decades.

Currently Vicky Entwistle is in the public spotlight because of off-screen events rather than her on-screen role.

Husband Andrew is standing trial for assault after he allegedly attacked a male Coronation Street fan who wanted to take a snap of the actress. Entwhiste is expected to give evidence as part of the proceedings in October.

In other Corrie news speculation that Jack Duckworth will die as part of the 50th anniversary tram crash storyline has been suggested by a newspaper.

Bill Tarmy has decided to leave the soap after 31 years.

Popular double-act, Jack and Vera Duckworth. Liz Dawn quit as Jack’s mouthy-wife two years ago.