Luke Roberts quits Holby City


Luke Roberts has quit his role of Joseph Byrne in the popular BBC One medical drama Holby City.


BBCActor Luke Roberts has announced he has quit BBC One’s medical drama Holby City after four years in the Casualty spin-off. The actor joined the drama in 2006 as Joseph Byrne and since then has been at the forefront of several storylines such as the love triangle between Joseph, Faye (Patsy Kensit) and Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel). Another notable storyline was the affair between Jac and his father Lord Byrne (Ronald Pickup) which lead to a long-standing rivalry between Jac and Joseph – the storyline also saw the introduction of Lady Byrne played by Jane Asher.

Jane Asher - BBCLuke Roberts will finish filming on Holby City in September but will appear on-screen until nearer the end of 2010 – due to the advance filming on the drama. Prior to joining Holby City his most notable role was in the 2003 re-launch of Crossroads alongside Jane Asher in which he played Ryan Samson – Jane Asher played his on-screen mother and Hotel owner, Angel Samson. Roberts also appeared in the Sky One drama series Mile High. The actor has reportedly landed a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 alongside Johnny Deep and Geoffrey Rush.

Amanda MealingThe actor’s decision to leave Holby City follows the announced departures of Amanda Mealing who plays the frosty Connie Beauchamp, Patsy Kenist who plays Faye and Alex MacQueen who plays Keith Green. With the past year actresses Phoebe Thomas, who played Maria Kendall, Stella Gonet who played Jayne Grayson and Rebecca Grant who played Diasha, all bowed out of Holby City.