Attempted Murder Plot for Neighbours’ 6000th Episode

Neighbours, Channel FiveTo mark its 6000th episode, one of Neighbours’ longest running characters is about to face an attempted murder plot.


As the show celebrates 25 years on-air and 6000 episodes, iconic Neighbours character Paul Robinson finds his life hanging in the balance when he falls from the mezzanine level of Lassiters, but it would appear he had more than a helping hand.



In October on Channel Five the man everyone loves to hate finally gets his comeuppance as someone tries to end his life. Scheming Paul Robinson has made many enemies over the years, but it appears this time he may have finally pushed someone too far.


In the week leading up to the milestone 6000th episode a new suspect is revealed each day. As Paul’s life hangs in the balance, we take a look at the events leading up to his fall, and with so many enemies it will be hard to narrow down who had the motive to harm him.


The plot has been dubbed “Who Pushed PR?” in homage to the huge American super-soap Dallas’ storyline of 1981 “Who Shot JR?”


Neighbours, Channel FiveAmidst the mystery surrounding Paul’s tragedy, will Donna and Ringo’s highly anticipated wedding lighten the mood in Ramsay Street? In true Neighbours style, the planned nuptials will not be without its obstacles. With family secrets emerging and a flooded venue to contend with, the popular couple may not even make it down the aisle.


Paul Robinson is played by original cast member Stefan Dennis, who appeared in episode one back in 1985. Last month the Fremantle production crew held a celebratory party for the impending 6000th edition.


Neighbours airs on Channel Five, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.