NHS Staff Criticise EastEnders’ Circumcision Storyline

The plot seems to have had little, or no, research conducted into the scenes experts have said.

It may be one of the less dramatic storylines currently running in EastEnders, but the plot involving Darren Miller and his decision to undergo circumcision “for love” has left NHS staff baffled.

Darren – who wanting to please his Jewish girlfriend Jodie – has decided to undergo circumcision to remove his foreskin, like all good Jewish boys. Highlights to the plot so far have seen Max Branning making innuendo with a cucumber by cutting its end off.

NHS worker Graham told ATV Network; “Where do they think Darren is going to find the money to get himself circumcised?

“I can assure the writers that you cannot get a circumcision without a valid medical reason. Private hospitals and clinics will be more than happy to remove your foreskin along with several hundred pounds from your wallet.” He said

 The storyline has also been criticised for lacking in research and detail. Graham added;

“It takes more than a brit milah to make you “Jewish” – Darren would have to study Hebrew for a start to be accepted into the Jewish faith.”

 No such conversion to the faith or any comment on Darren studying Hebrew have been highlighted in the storyline.