The Vampire and his Lover: Part Two


To celebrate the launch of our new LGBT section we have commissioned a specially written original story and you can read the second part exclusively here. In the first part Kai met Luke in a bar and agreed to go home with him little realising his new friend was in fact a vampire. In the second part as Luke reveals his true nature to Kai what will become of the him?


Warning: This story contains Adult Themes, Strong Language and Sexual References. The story is NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Slowly Luke’s lips moved from Kai’s mouth towards his neck, tenderly kissing it with his lips. With a flex of his Luke’s face two fangs appeared in his mouth and he pushed them into Kai’s neck. Kai let out a silent scream as the blood flowed out of the wound; some of it into the mouth of Luke and a small trickle down his chest. Kai could not move from the firm grip Luke had on him and the sensation going throw his entire body – it was almost like ecstasy. Kai was breathing heavily – the sensation was too much. Luke stopped drinking his blood – which stained his fangs and was visible around the edge of his mouth. He moved his lips back to Kai’s and kissed him once more – this time it was more passionate, more fierce. Kai could taste the blood on Luke’s lips and the taste…..the taste he could not get over. Kai desired more, his tongue desperate to get every last bit from the fangs of Luke, from the lips. “You like it” Luke whispered “You want more?”. Kai could barely speak from the sensation he was feeling; he was breathless, tired and horny. “What are you?” Kai half-heartedly said, knowing the answer. “What do you think I am?” Luke asked back “I think…I think you’re the man I’ve been looking for…the ultimate fuck”


Luke carried Kai into the living room – Kai was weak from the loss of blood. Though Luke had consumed only a small amount such an “attack” always left victims feeling tired. It was through their tiredness that they often forgot about the attacks, dismissing them as wild dreams – the perfect veil for vampires to hide behind. “Do not fall asleep” Luke instructed. “Kiss me again”. Kai obeyed the instructions and his lips locked once more with that of the creatures – they kissed passionately for many minutes before Kai pulled away “Bite me again”. Luke bit into the other side of Kai’s neck this time, drawing blood and once again the feeling of ecstasy rushed through Kai’s body. His heavily, fast breathing almost like coming during sex and he cried out “fuck me” almost without knowing it. Luke’s speed at stripping his clothes was barely noticeable to the “floating” Kai – he was in a dream like state. Halfway between sleeping and dreaming; one moment to him Luke was clothed and the next he was naked. Luke had such a fine form that Kai couldn’t help but admire; he rubbed his hands across Luke’s strong, firm chest, his strong arms and the strange tattoo on his arm – it was a tattoo of a bat. For the first time Kai saw the two fangs in Luke’s mouth – he had only felt them inside his mouth, against his tongue, up until now.


Kai pulled Luke, who was on top of him, down to kiss him – to lick those fangs which once again were covered in his blood. Kai’s tongue frantically ran across the fangs in desperation not to miss a single drop of the blood. Kai was still clothed and Luke, who was sat on his crotch, could feel his hard cock through his tight jeans. Once again with lightening speed Luke acted – Kai was naked. Luke dived down and bit into Kai’s stomach, drawing blood, and a scream from Kai – not a scream of pain, but pleasure. “Fuck me” Kai pleaded again – struggling to get his words out. Lightening speed again – Kai was on his front and Luke was behind him. Luke entered Kai in two ways; he penetrated him and his fangs bit into his neck once more – a sensation Kai could hardly bear. It was almost too much pleasure for him – the feeling of Luke inside him and the blood flowing out of him. Luke knew he had to be careful not to drain too much blood – otherwise Kai would die while he was fucking him.


An hour later and the two were still joined – Kai still enjoying the new sensations he was experiencing. Luke was still on top of him, pumping him, but was no longer drawing his blood – he wanted to keep Kai alive. Luke was enjoying their night together; he had decided Kai would be one of the few victims he let get away. After all Kai was unlike anyone he had met before – he welcomed the “attack” by the vampire, he enjoyed them…Kai get sexual pleasure out of it. It was almost as if Kai was another vampire – the sexual frill of biting another, of drawing blood and fucking, the fucking and the blood – that is what drives a vampire in sex. Luke could fuck all night long and he knew that Kai would let him – there would be no complaints from his companion. But then Kai said those few little words “Turn me” Kai said over his deep breathing “Make me like you”. Luke was lost in the moment, not considering the words that Kai had spoken, and his fangs delved into his companion once more. As Luke fucked Kai he drained his blood and with lightening speed flipped Kai back over, drew him up (while still inside him), and the position of the fucking changed. They were know in a hugging position with Kai’s leg’s wrapped around Luke’s back and as the sex continued Luke drew Kai’s head towards his neck, lifted a finger and slashed a line. Then he placed Kai’s lips against the line as the blood began to run. Kai’s tongue lapped up the blood from Luke’s neck just as happily as it had from his fangs – and so began Kai’s transformation. The sex, the fucking continued, the thrusting getting quicker and quicker and in time with Kai’s tongue licking along Luke’s neck making sure it got all the blood.


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