Twitter with the EastEnders: E20 Regulars

e20, EastEnders, BBCE20’s favourites are now online via Twitter.


Fatboy, Naz, Stevie and her boyfriend Olly have joined social networking site Twitter where they’ll be tweeting.


The characters of the second series of EastEnders: E20 are currently sharing the low-down on their lives in Walford on Twitter with all of their fans. If you want to be the first to know what Fatboy, Naz and the rest of the gang are up to, follow their tweets in the build up to the explosive new series starting on 7th September.


Fatboy, who is back for series 2, is “the one and ONLY Fatboy… Follow me peoples and spread the word” @manlikefatboy. Naz is @badgal_naz and sharing her latest life and partying adventures but just don’t call her Turkish Delight. Olly is hittin’ the road on his bicycle and tweeting in a hip East London street near you @OllyManHall. Ever the optimist, Stevie is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world @Stevie4Olly.


You can find out more at the EastEnders website and join in the tweets now: