Neighbours celebrates 6000th episode

(Contains Spoilers) The 6000th episode of Neighbours has aired in Australia, just one day after broadcaster Channel TEN announced they would be moving it to their new digital channel.

The episode sees Neighbours icon Paul Robinson, played by Stephan Dennis being pushed from the mezzanine of Lassiters hotel. This week has seen a build up of potential characters who would want to see Paul dead. The scenes will play out on Channel 5 on Friday 15th October.

It was announced yesterday that Neighbours will be moving from its current home of Channel TEN to a new digital channel ELEVEN in 2011. Ratings have been decline in recent years. Even this week, which centred around two major storylines has not seen ratings rise, but in fact decrease over the week.

Monday: 703,000

Tuesday: 671,000

Wednesday: 684,000

Thursday: 588,000

Update: Neighbours 6000th got one of its worst ratings in weeks, slipping to 520,000 viewers. Rival soap Home and Away which airs 30 minutes later at 7.00pm on Channel 7 had 890,000 viewers which is below its average of 1.2million viewers.

Top: Neighbours logo, Middle: Paul Robinson, Bottom: the cast in more popular times back in the 1990s.