BBC Staff Vote For Strike

BBC logoThe joint unions, BECTU, NUJ and Unite have today welcomed the overwhelming backing of union members in the BBC for the unions’ campaign against drastic cuts to staff pensions. The unions announced that over 90% of their members had voted for a strike action over the BBC’s plans to change its pension scheme.


The National Union of Journalists said about the ballot “A strong ballot result will put [the] union negotiating team in a strong position when we meet with the BBC again over the coming weeks. It will send a clear message to the BBC that any alternative proposal must fully protect the value of pensions already earned – and that we have a strong mandate for industrial action, should they fail to do so.”


The results of these ballots – calling for strike action – closed earlier today with more than 90 per cent of the unions’ members supporting calls both for strike action and for action short of strike in opposition to the BBC’s reform of how they operate their pension funds.


“Today’s massive ballot result confirms the extent of staff anger over the BBC’s plans; we clearly have a resounding mandate for strike action to challenge the BBC on its plans to break its pensions agreement with staff.” Said Gerry Morrissey, the General Secretary of BECTU.


Joint union representatives from the across the country met in London this afternoon to consider the ballot results and to receive a briefing on the talks which continued with BBC management during August.


BBC LogoAs a result of this briefing, union representatives have decided that those talks should continue until mid-September when the BBC has said it will table alternative proposals. Any announcement on strike dates will be deferred until that time.


“The massive scale of this vote is unprecedented – it is a reflection of the wave of anger and sense of betrayal which has greeted the BBC’s attempted pensions robbery. BBC management have an opportunity to avoid deeply damaging strike action by guaranteeing the value of pensions already earned and withdrawing their punitive and draconian proposals.” NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear added.


The BBC’s plan to place a 1% cap on future pension increases has and continues to cause outrage amongst BBC staff.