ATV LIVE : Lorraine

Lorraine, ITV BreakfastAs ITV’s second new breakfast show goes live, ATV Today’s Shaun Linden who is on hand and with live updates. Click refresh on your browser to se

e the latest updates. Last update: 09.20

Lorraine, ITV Breakfast09:20: Lorraine now reads out viewers comments, first one on the Wayne Rooney allegations. Has a card, so no real reason for the laptop then. And that is that, Lorraine signs off the show.

09:16: General chit chat interview, if you are in desperate need to know the ins and out check out Lorraine’s website for the interview later. I wonder if we will have a competition reminder before we end?

09:13: Promo for Eva Longoria for tomorrow on Lorraine. Competition reminder, although annoying it i’m glad it was deeply reduced during Daybreak.

09:10: That’s the ginger lamb steaks done, lovely. A quick break and then they are back with Sarah Parish. Final part of the new breakfast service coming up.

09:07: Apart from the Lorraine Investigates section, the show is very much the same, a mix of before and after 2009 re-launch on GMTV.

09:03: Another competition update, there is £100,000 for someone win though. In the kitchen now with James Tanner, a very pink kitchen obviously aimed at the nations builders before they go to work…

09:01: Daybreak Studio in big writing as we get the news headlines from Tasmin. Oh we have a regional weather update, very American.

08:54: We are back and it’s Lorraine investigates, this first one about homelessness.

Lorraine Kelly, ITV08.47: Craig Doyle for Lorraine Investigates next.

08.45: I notice a picture of Christine and Adrian on the fridge, i think it’s the fridge from the kitchen area

08:44: A nice silver clock, as Lorraine is joined around a small breakfast table with Celia Walden and Kevin Maguire for a paper review.

08:42: Competition time, members of the public talking, at least its not minor celebs strolling on a beach!

08:37: The clock is pink, although same look as Daybreak. Lorraine appears to have a laptop, not sure why she would be needing that though.

08:36: Oh lovely. A familiar face, Lorraine Kelly in her new fancy studio. The studio very fitting i feel of the shows tone. Actress Gemma Arteron is Lorraine’s first guest.

08:30: A promo for of what is to come next, commercials currently on. Lorraine is now classed as a separate show with her very own website.