Brian wins Ultimate Big Brother

Brian Dowling wins Ultimate Big Brother as the show comes to a close.

For the past 18 days a handpicked selection of the most memorable past housemates have been reunited under one roof to battle it out in front of the cameras for the viewers to decide who will be crowned the Ultimate Housemate.

And tonight that champion was picked. With 49.21% of the current vote total BRIAN was the viewers chosen one and left the house to join the crowds and the queen of Big Brother, Davina McCall.

BRIAN wowed the viewers and will be remembered for… his catchphrases ‘Oh, no you didn’t’ and ‘hold me Bubble’, being reunited with old housemates for his dancing task, for telling Big Brother that being in the house has defined his life and has been like therapy, for stubbing his toe and throwing up milk at the same time and for taking the role of presenter and interviewing everyone in the house.

Tonight’s show has seen the final seven Ultimate Housemates bid farewell to the house one by one for the very last time. When the lines first closed housemates left in the following order:

7th Place ULRIKA with 1.73% of the current votes cast

ULRIKA will be remembered for… Singing Endless Love with Verne Troyer and then again with Nasty Nick in Ultimate Big Brother, missing her family and being joyous at the message plane her husband flew over the house and playing spin the bottle and kissing almost all housemates.

6th place PRESTON with 1.95% of the current votes cast.

PRESTON will be remembered for… His will they, won’t they relationship with Chantelle, for finally admitting he doesn’t mind being known as Preston from Big Brother, carving his and Chantelle’s name in the Big Brother decking, winning the big head’s task and managing to eat a huge box of chocolate’s without throwing up

5th place NICK with 5.72% of the current votes cast.

NICK will be remembered for…Making the front page of every national newspaper after the BB1 cheating scandal, proving he’s not so nasty, kissing Ulrika, his bromance with Victor and his awful rendition of Endless Love with Ulrika.

4th place VICTOR with 8.86% of the current votes cast.

VICTOR will be remembered for…Being the slick, entering the Ultimate Big Brother house via the bed sit, his hatred of cold showers, spectacularly failing his Tree of Temptation task and then being punished for doing so and creating new show Big Brother’s Little Cousin with new best friend, Nick.

Lines then reopened for viewers to vote for their ultimate winner.

3rd place CHANTELLE with 20.51% of the current votes cast.

CHANTELLE will be remembered for… Being the only non celebrity housemate to win Celebrity Big Brother, meeting and falling in love with Preston and then being reunited with him, now her ex husband, in Ultimate Big Brother and then falling back in love with him all over again, pretending to be in girl band, Kandy Floss with a K, and singing their hit I Want It All in Ultimate Big Brother and offending Nikki for taking the lead in the dance troop task.

2nd place NIKKI with 30.28% of the total votes cast.

NIKKI will be remembered for… Who is she, her pure love for all things Big Brother, her ability to do the splits, moaning about not being the lead dancer in the majorettes task, moaning about being cold, moaning about bottled water, moaning about being Pete’s PA, moaning about people snoring, her relationship with Pete Bennett, and her adoration of Vanessa Feltz.

And that’s it, the lights have now gone out on Britain’s most famous TV house and after 1005 days, 196 housemates and 68 celebrity housemates the Big Brother story is now over leaving us with some phenomenal memories over the 10 years and 11 series, and a TV landscape that has been changed forever.

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