Noelle Beck offered to step down from As The World Turns

According to reports in America actress Noelle Beck offered to step down from her role of Lilly Synder in As The World Turns to allow original actress Martha Byrne to reprise it following CBS’s cancellation of the soap.


When CBS announced the cancellation of As The World Turns last year one of the actresses on the daytime soap offered to step-down from her role to allow the original actress to reprise it – that’s according to reports in America. Actress Noelle Beck has played Lilly Snyder on ATWT since May 2008 taking over from the Emmy winning Martha Byrne. Once the news of the soap’s cancellation broke she went to the producers and offered to step-down in order to allow Martha Byrne to return to the role as a goodbye to the fans.


“It was her job. She played the role for 20 years. It was sad, because I think a lot of people wanted to see her. I didn’t realize when I took the job how loyal the fans are.” – Beck quoted in Canada’s TV Guide


Despite the actresses offer to step down producers didn’t follow up on the idea and didn’t ask Martha Byrne to return to As The World Turns. Instead Beck continued in the role of Lilly although from April of this year she was taken down to recurring status but remained with the CBS soap until it filmed its final scenes in June.


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