Neighbours plans for 2011

Neighbours executive producer Susan Bower has told The Herald Sun newspaper of her plans for 2011, which sees the long running soap move to digital only in Australia. (Contains Spoilers)

Bower says that Lucas will have a brush with the ‘dark side’; a life threatening illness will set upon a resident and a lovers tryst and revenge. Bower has also revealed that a fire will engulf Ramsay Street. There will also be heartache for Lyn and Steph after a tragic accident affects their lives.

The move to digital channel Eleven will mean they could pursue more racy topics, although Bower says that she won’t turn the show into a raunch-fest. Speaking to ATV Today on this issue, Susan Bower said :

“we have been pushing the boundaries this year and how far do we take that if in fact we do. Do we want to keep what is essentially Neighbours? Yes. Do we want to make it a bit more contemporary without alienating half our audience, that’s what we are aiming for. It’s a difficult and complex balance we strive for.”

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