Castle See’s Ratings Rise while The Event Drops

In America on Monday evening ABC drama Castle saw a rise in ratings while NBC’s The Event dropped and Fox’s struggling Lone Star plunged further down in the ratings.


Lone Star might be critically acclaimed but its ratings that mostly count these days and it has failed to make a good impact. The series premiered last week on Fox to dismal ratings and this week they got even worse – which will doubtless prompting more speculation it will be quickly ‘canned’ by Fox. According to early ratings data Lone Star had 3.2 million viewers for its second episode. NBC’s The Event which launched so strongly last week also dropped ratings with 9 million viewers returning for its second episode – still a respectable figure though.


Over on CBS it’s Hawaii Five-O remake starring Alex O’Loughlin, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan also dropped slightly in the ratings but still posted a strong 12.3 million viewers. Fellow CBS series How I Met Your Mother had 9 million viewers while Rules of Engagement clocked up 8.1 million viewers with Two and a Half Men scoring 14 million viewers. ABC’s Castle saw a rise in ratings with 12.4 million viewers and Dancing With The Stars was seen by 22.6 million viewers.


Elsewhere last night in America Fox had 10.1 million for House, NBC had 5.3 million for Chuck and 6.4 million for Chase. Over on The CW 90210 pulled in 2 million viewers and Gossip Girl was slightly behind with 1.8 million viewers. Interestingly according to some outlets the second half of Gossip Girl performed better than the second half of Lone Star.