ITV respond to viewers concerns regarding Daybreak

Exclusive: ITV have responded to criticism regarding their breakfast television show Daybreak.

Since its launch, ITV 1’s Daybreak has attracted a number of critical comments about the show, many disgruntled over the show replacing GMTV. ATV Today received a large number of comments left by viewers who are not happy with the new service. Many of a certain age may remember the struggle that GMTV went through in its first few months back in 1993, with fans of TV-AM wanting that to return without giving GMTV time to grow.

ITV today spoke to ATV Today regarding viewers concerns. An ITV spokeswoman told us

“Daybreak has made a strong start in a very competitive breakfast television market, with viewing figures for its first three weeks up on the average for GMTV and positive feedback on the new show from our viewers. ITV has made a long term investment in new breakfast programming and, after over five years of decline for GMTV, we look forward to building on this start and welcoming new audiences to Daybreak and Lorraine. We are committed to listening to our loyal viewers and their comments and will continue to take these on board.”

An insider has told ATV Today that they are listening to viewers.

“We have never expected an overnight ratings hit. Figures for a first launch show are naturally enhanced so we are now at a level from which we want to maintain and build audiences. We are only four weeks in(GMTV was on air for 17 years!!) Our plan is to maintain our audience, evolve the show and then build over time.”

Daybreak has announced on its Twitter page that they have a big showbiz announcement on Monday’s show. Also on Monday, Rhys Ifans and Howard Marks will be talking about their new film Mr Nice.

Daybreak airs on ITV 1 from 6am, followed by Lorraine at 8.30am.