Ronn Moss Backs British Bold and the Beautiful fans

US Soap Star Ronn Moss, who plays Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful has publicly on his Facebook Page declared some of the reasons why British Fans have lost their favourite US Soap.



He says: “OK, here’s the scoop. The tv station in the UK is owned by NBC. Our rival station in the US. Even though we were their #1 show, they dropped us!”


Diva TV is owned by NBC and in September ATV Today reported on how the Bold and the Beautiful’s run was ending on the channel, after six years worth of episodes airing since 2007. Fans on forum’s have speculated that Diva dropped Bold and the Beautiful because CBS Drama dropped NBC Soap Days of our Lives.


Ronn Moss, carried on by saying on his Facebook : “I’m now encouraging all our UK followers to contact all other stations in the UK and ask them to pick up the show. This will be effective if there are enough voices. Your support is powerful!! Love you”


Their are faint rumours from fans that Channel five may take over the rights to the soap opera, but speculation is rife. Watch this Space.


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