ATV LIVE : The Chile Miners Rescue

No, we’ve not become a rolling news service – as the news channels prepare to go over the top, we take a look at what’s being reported.



UPDATE: Chile mine rescue boost news audiences


09:32: Well what a morning it has been. Just after 4am the first miner was rescued, and now we have up to 5, with the 6th on his way up. The news channels still wall to wall this mornings as you would expect. News channels around the world have also had non – stop coverage, with various channels breaking into programming to bring viewers the latest.



00:27: Well we are going to end it here for now. Obviously you are reading this online, so check out various news websites. We will have ratings update tomorrow morning to see how the late bulletins have done and I will be back also in the morning for a check at the how the breakfast programmes are covering the rescue. Good night.


00:20: Capsule being moved into position. A real sense of hope now as the miners await their rescue. I’m pretty sure we are not going to actually see the miners. Just workers jubilant I guess. Time will tell.


00:14: Back to Sky News. Emma Hurd talking about how we have arrived here, with pictures showing the capsule. That’ll be on Ebay next week.



00:10: BBC News interview a Chilean journalist. I wonder if Chileans will be complaining if their version of EastEnders does not air tonight due to live coverage.


00:07: Perfect timing for the breakfast shows in UK from 6am. On the BBC News Channel, Matt and Tim at the site. Tim has been there for three weeks he said earlier. The capsule is being lifted into the air.


00:03: We are back. In the past 30 minutes the mining minister I believe has said the operation will begin in two hours as night falls on the camp.


22:30: NBC Nightly News begins on CNBC. The US media, like many others around the world have been glued to this story. Lead story “Will It Work”.


23:27: Live pictures of the capsule being prepared. I think we won’t actually be able to see the miners, Sky says unless they want to. I’m expecting Davina McCall to walk on, who do you want to win?


23:20: Discussion on Sky News about the amount of trips the capsule will need to do. Sky Sources saying rescue operation to begin within next hour.


23:15: CNN’s Jonathan Mann steps in CNN’s very own made capsule. Money well spent I hope.


23:11: Move live pictures of the capsule. CNN International now, Weatherman runs through details about the capsule, cut to live pictures of that very capsule.

23:06: President Obama statement read out on Sky News. Florencio Avalos expected to be first to surface. Read his exclusive story only in this Sunday’s News Of The World.



23:01 It’s 11pm in the UK, no rundown of other news on Sky News. Sky Sources say it will begin sho

rtly. You don’t need sources to tell you that, just look at the live pictures and time!


22:58: BBC World News logo now on BBC News Channel, where’s my clock! Rescue capsule is being moved into position


22:56: Officials have said the strongest miners will come out first. It will take between 15 – 20 minutes for each miner to reach the surface. The first eyes they will see will be their president and a t-shirt saying Vote For Me.


22:53: Back to BBC News Channel, a pan of the world media outlets who have moved into the area. Bolivian president is due to witness the miners emerging.


22:48: Oh sport fans

– Sportsline is coming up after the break on Sky News.

22:45: Back to Sky News. No Sportsline tonight I assume. Footage of that tractor with the rescue capsule.


22:40: BBC News continue their non stop coverage, CNN International showing World Sport – showing some sense I guess.


22:35: Lots of BBC reporters dotted around ‘Camp Hope’. Rescue capsule is being moved into position. Live pictures showing this being transported on a tractor.


22:29: Minister says one miner an hour. BBC came into criticism from some about the amount of people have come to cover the story, well I guess we are getting money’s worth now.

22:26: BBC News Channel still doing the news special – and people complain Sky News over do it! Matt Frei live at the scene. A split screen, also showing Chilean TV I believe. Tim Wilcox speaks with Matt – a man who could do 96 hours straight and still ask for overtime.


22:20: Sky News have their HD banner across the top, never one not to miss out on an advertising opportunity. Andrew Wilson doing a great job presenting live. Bearing in mind the operation is not expected to begin until midnight. “Even if it lasts 48 hours we will be there” – yes Andrew, because your a news channel, that’s your job. Now

to other news – What happened to the non stop coverage promised?


22:16: BBC News Channel showing a BBC News Special, from BBC World. Chirs Eakin and Mike Embley hosting. They say Chilean TV saying medical and rescue teams have been lowered, BBC unable to confirm.


22:13: Sky News replaying the Chilean president speaking earlier today. “Explosion if happiness” is hoped. BBC News have a report on the story of the ordeal so far.

22:10: Sky News kick off their ‘non stop live coverage’. They are a 24 hour news channel, it’s not likely they would miss any point of it. A miners rescued counter has been placed under the Sky News logo.