Chile mine rescue boosts news audience

The rolling coverage of the miners rescue operation has seen many news programmes and news channels receive a boost in viewing figures.

Continuous coverage began around 10.00pm on Tuesday evening as news spread that the operation to free the trapped 33 miners would begin within hours. At midnight, BBC News Channel had 250,000 viewers, with Sky News taking 144,000, a much higher number than the channels receive on a normal night.


As many woke in the morning, the operation to free the miners was under way with breakfast television audiences rising to see miners coming to the surface and be greeted by loved ones. BBC One’s Breakfast had an average of 1.8 million viewers, up around 400,000 viewers. ITV 1’s Daybreak averaged 700,000 viewers, but nearly hit over 850,000 at 8.00am peak. Sky News Sunrise also peaked at 8.00am, with 337,000 viewers, double what the show usually gets at the time.


Throughout the day, Sky News and the BBC News Channel had continuous coverage, with BBC dominating the ratings, over 500,000 viewers, compared to 250,000 viewers for Sky News. Either way, I boost for the news channels.


In Chile, their television channels have been streaming non stop coverage, as the nation waited until all 33 miners were out to celebrate. Popular station Canal 13 has cancelled most programming, with regular programming due back later this afternoon. Below is a picture of the morning coverage today.


Image courtesy of Canal 13 TV