Another Christmas campaign against the X Factor?

There could be another campaign against the X Factor claiming the number one spot this Christmas according to reports.


It seems as though whoever wins the X Factor this year will once again face the might of Facebook users determined to keep them from claiming the prestigious number one slot this Christmas. Facebook users are launching a new campaign to get another song to the top of the charts and stealing the thunder from the X Factor. This year they are aiming to get John Cage’s silent piece 4’33 to the top – its four minutes and thirty three seconds of pure silence.


So far over 30,000 have signed up to the Facebook campaign and the finale of the X Factor and crowning of the winner is still some way away at the moment! Last year users on Facebook successfully campaigned to make Rage Against The Machine number one at Christmas beating Joe McElderry – who was the winner of last year’s X Factor. The new campaign is hoping for similar success.