Jim Dougal Remembered by UTV

UTV, Jim DougalUTV will be honouring the memory of Jim Dougal by broadcasting Paisley: From Protest to Power tomorrow at 10.35pm

The 55 minute long programme was originally broadcast in 2007, on the day Ian Paisley took the office of First Minister, to critical acclaim.

Michael Wilson, Managing Director UTV Television, said: “Jim was a valued and respected colleague who added insight, humility and charm to our political and broader news coverage. The broadcast of this programme will remind viewers of his skill as a programme maker and honour his memory.”

Jim died on Friday 15th October, following a career that included media work for UTV, BBC and RTE, and several years as the head of the European Commissioner for the UK.

Speaking about the programme, Ian Paisley said: “Jim was an excellent man of his work. He was totally dedicated to what he was doing and had the right emphasis. Making programmes lifted him and got him away from the dark shadows that were upon him. Jim was very pleasant to work with and always very courteous.”


Protest to Power airs Friday at 10.35pm on ITV Northern Ireland, UTV.