Government to publish ‘action plan’ regarding local TV

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport are expected to publish an action plan in regards to local TV in the new year.




A spokesperson for the DCMS has told ATV Today that they will publish an action plan after the final report is delivered from Nicholas Shott, which is due at the end of this year. Nicholas Shott is head of a panel which is advising the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on launching new local TV services across various platform. Shott has already given his initial findings to Hunt in September. This can be viewed by clicking here.


A DCMS spokesperson told ATV Today “Nicholas Shott is due to deliver his final report on how best to make local TV commercially viable by the end of the year and we will publish an action plan after that.”


They went on to sayThe Secretary of State is clear that he wants local services delivered through terrestrial television as well as online and we are continuing to identify the necessary conditions to enable this. IPTV will in the future be an important platform for content delivery, but at this stage it is in its infancy and won’t deliver the kind of reach we want.”


In Scotland, STV are currently expanding their news output by offering hyper local news service to a number of communities in Scotland through their STV Local online service. STV has told ATV Today that they are continually looking at ways to deliver a “commercially sustainable news service relevant for Scotland”.