More Classic Children’s Programmes Heading to DVD

Network DVD are releasing two further ‘Look Back’ DVDs which contains classic episodes of Children’s dramas for the 1970s.

Amongst the two new DVDs – exclusively available on their website – will be episodes of Catweazle, Just William and The Jenson Code.

Network DVD have so far released two Look-Back volumes which have included episodes of Rainbow, Cloppa Castle, The Thinga and Tucker Club, Raven and Timeslip.

The DVDs take a look back at how children television – arguably in its golden age of the 1970s – used to be from science fiction, to spooky dramas, magazine programmes to the ‘Grange Hill’ of its time, Four Idle Hands.

The two new Look-Back DVDs, volumes three and four, will only be available to buy from the Network DVD website and are released on November 22nd.

Volume Three will include episodes of Just William, Catweazle, The Jenson Code, A Place To Hide and Sky. Volume Four will include Arthur of the Britons, The Boy Merlin, Tom Grattan’s War, The Ghosts of Motley Hall and Pardon My Genie.

You can visit the Network DVD site by clicking here >>