Screenwriter Jimmy McGovern hits out at drama


Award winning screenwriter Jimmy McGovern have launched a scathing attack on current TV dramas such as Dr Who.



The man behind hard hitting drama The Street has said in an interview that he can’t handle the “tongue-in-cheek” approach from dramas today. Speaking to The Observer, McGovern said “The only way to tell stories on TV is to convince people that what they are seeing is actually happening now and is real. I just can’t handle the tongue-in-cheek approach, the kind of thing you see on Dr Who. Though there are millions who can, I know.”


The award winning writer went on to have a pop at popular dramas such as Dr Who and Downton Abbey, which attract millions of viewers week in week out. “Why write drama that doesn’t matter?” he said, although other acclaimed writers have hit out at his comments today.


Matthew Graham, who was one the creators of BBC One’s Life On Mars has dismissed McGovern’s claims, saying McGovern is a “grumpy writer” and said “Worry about your own work and keep your nose out of other people’s.”