I’m A Celebrity contestants take part in ‘Terror Vision’

This year’s I’m A Celebrity contestants have been thrown in the deep end by taking part in their first Bush Tucker trial.

The contestants were split into two teams, boys and girls, and for the first trial will go head to head. The reward for the winning team will be one more night in luxury with the losing team heading to a make shift jungle camp. The contestants took part in five rounds which were based on popular television shows.


First up was Lembit Opik and Kayla Collins who had to play ‘Hell Hole Kitchen’.  Hidden in three holes were stars and the pair put their hands into the box and grab the star which were surrounded by scorpions, rats and snakes. Lembit complained that that “it was an absolutely disgusting feeling” whilst a screaming Kayla admitted “I was really terrified.”


Next was Shaun Ryder and Gillian McKeith who faced  ‘Not The Ten O’Clock News’.  The pair would each read a headline and have to decide if it was true or false whilst facing gunge and critters falling onto them.   Ant and Dec had to repeatedly tell a frightened Gillian to remain in her seat as she tried overcome her “phobia to insects.”


Nigel Havers and Sheryl Gascoigne faced ‘The Bug Factor’ in which they had to duet to Grease hit, Summer Lovin’.  They both had to sing a section of the song but six words had been removed.   Whoever correctly sang the missing words would win the point.  To make it more difficult they would be joined by cockroaches, maggots and jungle slime. Nigel admitted that singing was not his strong point, whilst Sheryl added, “the children said whatever you do don’t sing on there mum.”


Next up were Aggro Santos and Stacey Solomon who appeared in ‘Who Wants To Eat A Willy On Air’.  As the title suggested they both had to eat a kangaroo penis, the one who ate it the quickest won the point.  “His penis looks smaller than mine” Stacey shouted.  “Not for first time” joked Dec.  “I’m spitting penis everywhere” she squealed. And finally Britt and Linford took part in ‘Disastermind’ where they had 30 seconds each to answer as many Australian themed general knowledge questions whilst encased in helmets containing spiders.  Each struggled to answer the simple questions as the spiders crawled over their faces.


You can catch all the action tonight at 9.00pm on ITV 1