Christine Bleakley speaks about backlash against Daybreak

ITV 1’s Daybreak co-presenter Christine Bleakley has spoken about the backlash the show has received in the past few months.Christine Bleakley, who moved to ITV after the BBC withdrew their offer to keep her, has faced criticism over Daybreak. The new morning breakfast show initially struggled, just as its predecessors TV-AM and GMTV did. Daybreak is slowly finding its way as ratings begin to settle down, now averaging around 800,000 viewers.

Speaking to The Sun’s Buzz magazine Bleakley said “There are things that don’t work, and we’ll change them. We have the most magnificent view, but at 6am it’s pitch black. We’re learning as we go. We have to earn our right to be the morning choice…People say they have a thick skin but we’re all human. You do get upset.”

Lorraine Kelly, whos self titled show follows Daybreak at 8.30am has been doing well, averaging around 1million viewers. Speaking to Yours magazine earlier this week she said that once the content is right, everything will be fine. She urged viewers to “Hang on in there”.

Daybreak airs on ITV 1 weekdays from 6.00am