Jeremy Kyle US debut set for September 2011

ITV Studios America and Debmar-Mercury have confirmed that The Jeremy Kyle Show will air via syndication from September 2011.

A first season commitment has been given, which means that production will begin on the US version of the controversial chat show. Going into syndication means that the show will air on a variety of network local affiliates such as FOX and CBS. Debmar-Mercury will distribute the show across America with ITV Studios handling the international distribution.

Kevin Lygo, Managing Director, ITV Studios said “Adapting proven formats from ITV Studios UK for the international market is a key objective for our business; as well as building a strong following for the show in the US we hope it will become a global hit when distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Jeremy’s honest approach very quickly built him a loyal following in the UK and I am delighted his skill as a broadcaster has now been recognised by stations across America.”

Jeremy Kyle is said to be excited by the announcement today. “I am thrilled by how well the show has been received by US broadcasters; for the programme to be picked-up by stations owned by media giants like Fox, CBS and Hearst and scheduled to be shown daily across America is incredibly exciting for me. I can’t wait to start production and build a following for the programme in the US which is as strong as the one we enjoy in the UK!”

Jeremy Kyle currently airs on ITV 1 weekdays at 9.25am. Beginning in 2005, the show has grown, attracting over 2 million viewers daily (ITV 1 and ITV 2 repeats).