Sylvester McCoy keen for Doctor Who return

Sylvester McCoyScottish actor Sylvester McCoy would return to Doctor Who for its 50th anniversary if invited to do so.



Sylvester McCoyScottish actor Sylvester McCoy has stated he would be keen to return to Doctor Who for its 50th anniversary. The veteran BBC television series will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013 and previous anniversaries have been marked by “multiple Doctor” stories. Sylvester McCoy played the 7th Doctor between 1987 until Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989. He reprised the role on-screen in 1996 for the BBC/Fox television movie in which he handed over to British actor Paul McGann.


“Would I do it? Yes, I’d be delighted to. I am a part of it, it hasn’t ever gone away and I celebrate the 21st Century Doctors” – Sylvester McCoy


Doctor Who marked its 10th anniversary in 1972 with the first “multiple Doctors” story; The Three Doctors. Actors Patrick Througton and William Hartnell reprised there roles alongside then current Doctor Jon Pertwee. In 1983 the 20th anniversary was marked with The Five Doctors. However, by this time actor William Hartnell had died and so was replaced by Richard Hurndall and Tom Baker only appeared in the story via clips from an un-screened story, Shada. Actors Patrick Throughton and Jon Pertwee did reprise there roles for the 20th anniversary story.


Actors Patrick Throughton and Jon Pertwee have since died but McCoy has suggested that modern computer technology could be used to include them in any special 50th anniversary story.


“I know that the producers balk at it. All those egos in the same room would be very difficult to deal with. But the fans are hoping that for the 50th anniversary, which is coming up, they might do something like that. – – Sylvester McCoy


The idea might not be as impossible or unlikely as it sounds. In 2007 a special Children in Need scene was written which featured 10th Doctor (David Tennant) briefly meeting the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison). The special, Time Crash, was written by Steven Moffat who is now executive producer of Doctor Who.


Sylvester McCoy has recently been cast in The Hobbit film as a wizard. Filming is due to begin next year and will also star British actors such as Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage.