Matt Smith praises Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat

Matt SmithMatt Smith has praised Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat for his “inventive” Christmas special, A Christmas Carol.



Matt SmithActor Matt Smith has praised Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat for his “inventive” Christmas special. A Christmas Carol will be a spin on the Charles Dickens novel of the same name and will air on BBC One on Christmas Day at 6pm. While discussing the special with the BBC Matt Smith praised the show’s boss, Steven Moffat.


“I’ve always wanted to be part of the Christmas Doctor Who experience and I think this is certainly one of the most Christmassy and inventive Doctor Who stories so far. Steven just keeps getting even more imaginative and the great thing about this episode is that when Doctor Who and Christmas are put together you combine the spirit of both those things; it’s a fun old yarn and the Doctor simply loves Christmas. Steven’s fantastical and magical mind has been working overtime and he’s been extremely clever with this story. It feels very Dickensian, set in a mad futuristic world and it evolves into something even more magical than your classic monster Doctor Who episode.” – Matt Smith talking to the BBC


The actor also revealed that the episode will feature a monster that is sure to make children hide behind the sofa once more.


“The episode features a wonderful shark which I was very excited about. I’ve always wanted to explore the aquatic; viewers can expect Jaws with a twist!”- Matt Smith talking to the BBC


Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol will guest-star Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins. Filming for the special has already been completed with production moving on to the sixth series of Doctor Who which will be spilt across next year airing in the Spring and the Autumn.

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