Fringe producers think Friday move is a good thing


FringeThe producers of Fox’s cult series Fringe think its forthcoming move to Friday evenings – traditionally a deadslot for many years – is a good thing.


FringeThe producers of Fox’s cult series Fringe think its forthcoming move to Friday evenings – traditionally a dead-slot for most years – is a good thing. That’s in contrast to the fans and the press who think its a clear indication that Fringe’s time is nigh. It must be though that the press and fans are just a load of old pessimists because producers Jeff Pinker and J.H Wyman are excited about the move!


Cast of Fringe“What’s ironic is when we moved to Thursday nights, and for the last year all the message boards have been ‘Please move the show off of Thursday nights,’ and now that they did. So it’s one of those things from the fans point of view being careful what you wish for” – Jeff Pinker


“We are excited. We think it’s open territory that can be conquered. We really do believe our fans are loyal. I believe they’re going to follow. It’s a chance for us to get away from that statement that Friday night is not an opportune night. We believe we can actually deliver like The X-Files did. … I think we both agree it’s a good opportunity. When Fox informed us of the move, what was most important to us is we understand that our audience is watching the show, not like a standalone audience watches the show, but their actually watching it as an investment over time” – Jeff Pinker


Fox announced it was moving Fringe to Friday evenings, from its current Thursday evenings, a few weeks ago. There had already been speculation that Fringe would be cancelled by Fox because of the lower ratings for this current series – although DVR figures do boost episode numbers. When Fox announced the move to Friday fans remembered the fate of Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly all of which were doomed in the Friday evening slot. However, producer J.H Wyman has said the figures for Thursday evening prove fans weren’t keen on that slot either.


“They’re just telling us, ‘We didn’t want to watch it on Thursdays. We’ll tell you when we want to watch it through the DVR.’ Thursday night is traditionally a romantic comedy night, with the Bones and Grays … We were assured we were going to be safe and not be taken off the air in that context, and [Fox] lived up to it” – J.H Wyman



Well they are certainly putting a positive spin on the move to Friday evenings but will it be enough? Will the fans follow Fringe to its new time slot?