Stephen Nolan stands up for Christine Bleakley

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has hit out at TV critics who have torn into Daybreak host Christine Bleakley.

Stephen Nolan, who front his own TV programme on BBC One Northern Ireland along with a nightly Radio 5 Live show has hit out at critics who have personally attacked host of ITV 1’s Daybreak. Since Daybreak began in September, the show and it’s hosts have faced criticism from viewers and the media. Christine Bleakley, along with Adrian Chiles switched from the BBC to ITV earlier this year.

Speaking in the Belfast Telegraph earlier this week, Nolan said “Christine Bleakley is one of the most decent, down-to-earth people you will ever meet and we should be fighting for “our girl” instead of being passive from the sidelines. Just think how Ant and Dec are owned by the Geordies — that’s the sense of ownership we need to have of Christine. People who think she just giggles at a camera haven’t a clue about how instinctive she is about the grammar of television. You cannot teach that. However, that’s not her biggest asset. Christine’s biggest strength is her character — she has more integrity in her little finger than some of those hurling vitriolic abuse.”

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