Students produce short film on Verity Lambert

Doctor-Who-original-logoTwo students have produced a short film on original Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert which details her struggles to get the BBC science fiction series on-air.

Thomas Cowell and Joey Guy, film students from the University of Central Lancaster, have produced the film detailing Verity Lambert’s struggles to get Doctor Who on-air thanks to unhelpful colleagues and the fact she was one of the first female producers at the corporation.

Verity Lambert had a long and mostly successful career in television working on shows such as Doctor Who, The Newcomers, Jonathan Creek and a wide range of other memorable shows. Although one black mark on her career was the 1990s BBC soap Eldorado which was produced by her production company and created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland – who had created EastEnders. However, the failure of Eldorado was more to do with BBC interference at the time and scheduling changes rather than the production team’s fault.

Verity Lambert sadly passed away in 2007. In the latter years of her life she recorded commentaries for the DVD releases of her Doctor Who stories and also took part in documentaries for the DVDs as well.

You can view the film on Verity Lambert on You Tube or by clicking here >>