BBC America ratings for Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who - A Christmas CarolThe BBC America ratings for Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol have been released – we’ve also got the ratings for the Australian broadcast of the episode as well.


Doctor Who: A Christmas CarolWe all know by now that this year’s Christmas Special of Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol – pulled in 10.3 million viewers to BBC One. But how did the special fare elsewhere? A Christmas Carol was shown in America and Australia on Christmas Day as well – a move to prevent illegal downloads of the episode.


In America the special aired on BBC America and according to ratings data it pulled in 727,000 viewers. This is compared to 671,000 viewers who watched The End of Time last year on BBC America – shown a few days after its UK broadcast. Meanwhile in Australia A Christmas Carol was broadcast on ABC where it attracted 880,000 viewers which made it ABC’s top-rated drama of the day and the 8th highest rated programme of the day overall in Australia.