V returns to over six million viewers

VABC’s re-imaged science fiction series V returned with over six million viewers last night.


vABC’s re-imaged sci fi series V returned for a second series last night but it got off to a pretty weak start. The broadcaster opted to renew V over Flashforward last year because its ratings had stabilised – Flashfoward’s hadn’t. However, the return of V to ABC last night didn’t exactly make a splash in the ratings. According to overnight figures V was seen by 6.5 million viewers meaning it was beaten by Live to Dance on CBS and The Biggest Loser on NBC.


However, the 6.5 million viewers figure is higher than 5.8 million viewers who tuned in for V’s first season finale in May of last year. In fact the figure is the highest total rating for V since its third episode in March. However, little attention is paid to total figures as advertises prefer the 18 – 49 audience figures. In terms of those V had an 18-49 rating of 2.1 million viewers which is more or less what ended with last year.


So if V can keep up those kinds of figures then perhaps a third season isn’t so out of reach.