Primeval continues to struggle in the ratings

PrimevalITV’s time travel drama Primeval continued to struggle in the ratings last night with less than 4 million viewers tuning in.


PrimevalPrimeval returned to ITV1 for a fourth season last week but so far its ratings have failed to make a splash. The third series of the dino-drama aired on ITV1 in 2009 opposite Robin Hood on BBC One and Primeval was the ratings winner in the majority of the clashes between the two family dramas. However, the series was axed by ITV because of production costs associated with the drama but months later it was revived under a co-production deal involving Watch and BBC America.


It’s return to Primeval last week was seen by 4.4 million viewers on Saturday. The second episode of the drama aired on Sunday to just 3.2 million viewers. While ratings for last night’s third episode did improve they were still below 4 million viewers with just 3.7 million viewers tuning in. While a fifth season has already been ordered, under the co-production deal, its unlikely given the show’s current ratings that Primeval will see a sixth season.