Has Shameless lost its magic?

ShamelessAs Channel Four’s veteran drama Shameless returns tonight for an eight series we ask – Has Shameless lost its magic?


Eight seasons is an impressive feat for any drama to manage especially in today’s fickle world where so many dramas struggle to make it past the first season. However, there is wisdom about diminishing returns – there’s only so many times a drama can come back before the audience tires of it. There are only so many stories a drama can tell before it begins to recycle its own storylines.


Shameless is by far Channel Four’s longest running drama surpassing previous hits Teachers and No Angels. Teachers was axed after a poorly received fourth season while No Angels wisely decided to end while on a high. Will Shameless continue until its ratings fall or will its producers pull the plug before the rot sets in?


Too some the glory days of Shameless are long behind it. So many actors have already left the series who, to some, were integral to its early success; Anne Marie Duff and James McAvoy who played Fiona and Steve, Maxine Peake and Dean Lennox Kelly who played Veronica and Kev Ball, Maggie O’Neil who played Shelia Jackson and Rebecca Ryan who played Debbie Gallagher – all gone.


Shameless continues to deliver good ratings to Channel Four and still entertains but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t lost its magic. So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of Shameless? Or has the drama long since lost its way? Post your comments below.