Taggart beaten by Silent Witness

STV’s Taggart failed to hit the mark with its return.

The return of veteran Scottish detective drama Taggart at 9pm on ITV1 was not a cause for celebration as it was seen by less than 3 million viewers. Taggart was slaughtered by the competition on BBC One in the form of Silent Witness. While the BBC One drama starring Emilia Fox had nearly 7 million viewers Taggart was seen by just 2.6 million viewers.

It’s poor rating is perhaps made worse by the fact that The Bill, on average, pulled in more viewers than that when it was shunted to Tuesday evenings last year ahead of its cancellation.

However, it is important to take into account that the new series of Taggart has already been shown on STV in Scotland. While the rest of the country was enjoying Downton Abbey on ITV1 Scottish viewers had the new series of Taggart to enjoy. So with the series already aired in Scotland its poor ratings for ITV1 may be part of the reason. Not far behind the STV production at 9pm was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Channel Five. It’s 11th season opened at 9pm on Five with 2 million viewers.

“Taggart is still enjoyable, but lets be honest its never been the same since we lost the dry wit and dour style of Mark McMannus as the great Jim Taggart” – TV Critic Vivian Summers