Fox: Don't Write Fringe Off Just Yet

FringeFox has told television critics at the press tour not to write off quirky cult series Fringe just yet even though its moving to the notorious fright night “graveyard” slot.


FringeWhen it was announced last year that Fringe would be moving from Thursdays to Fridays many out there were resigned to its ultimate fate. As any sci fi fan worth his salt will tell you the Friday evening slot on Fox is littered with the corpses of cancelled shows. It was, to many, the final nail in Fringe’s coffin. And how can blame them for thinking that way with Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly and Dark Angel all prime examples of shows that fell in the Friday evening slot. However, Fox has urged fans and critics not to write off the series just yet.


“I appreciate the support in this room, and I beg you not to write the eulogy prematurely. Friday is a troubled night. We are continually looking for a solution on the night. I was happy that Fringe turned up on a number of top-10 lists. We’re looking for it to go a little bit broader with ratings. I really hope fans go with it. Right now, we’re down to a core loyal audience.” – Kevin Reilly, Fox’ Entertainment President.


Asked if he was worried that Fringe’s new slot would put it in competition with The CW’s hugely successful Supernatural, Reilly admitted he didn’t even know Supernatural was in that slot and wasn’t too worried adding:


“It’s already been up against much stiffer competition on Thursdays. ” – Kevin Reilly, Fox’ Entertainment President.


While his words are clearly designed to put fan’s minds at ease and get them to stay onboard Fringe for its big move – instead of abandoning it – it will do little to comfort them in reality. The evidence is stacked up against Fringe and the fact its ratings have already been pretty low this season have sealed its fate for many.