Fox Not Looking To 'Clone' Glee

GleeFox has said it isn’t looking to copy the success of its smash hit musical series Glee by ‘cloning’ it.


GleeThere is no denying that Glee has been a phenomenal success for Fox; attracting huge audiences and mass praise. Usually when networks have a hit show on their hands they try to cash in on it by commissioning spin-offs, remakes (for oversea broadcasters) and shows which are very similar. There was even news of a spin-off from Glee at one point and while Fox still won’t rule that out it has said it won’t “clone” Glee.


“I like the fact we’ve had a monopoly on the genre but I’m not going to clone Glee” – Kevin Reilly, Fox’ Entertainment President at the TV Critics press tour


It isn’t just Fox though who would be looking for ways to copy Glee’s success, other networks would naturally be seeking to produce their own take on Glee hoping for similar success. ABC and The CW are just two broadcasters in America who may already be looking at shows similar to Glee. However, Kevin Reilly, entertainment president at Fox, doesn’t seem to bothered over the possibility of other musical shows appearing.


“It will just make Glee look that much better, most likely”. – Kevin Reilly, Fox’ Entertainment President.


Asked if other networks were “stupid to try and make their own musical shows Reilly said: “It’s always tough to chase something that’s hot” but when pressed on the idea of networks being “stupid” to try their own musical series Reilly added. “Some of them are.”


In the UK Glee returned to E4 on Monday evening to recorded ratings. The season two premier opened to a combined audience (its E4 ratings plus time-shift rating) of nearly 2 million viewers; Glee’s best UK ratings ever.