Thunderbirds Are Go….For New TV Series?

ThunderbirdsThunderbirds could be heading back to television and its creator Gerry Anderson reveals he’s signed a deal for a new series of the iconic 1960s classic.


ThunderbirdsThunderbirds Are Go – for a brand new series? Thunderbirds could be heading back to television for a brand new television series – that’s according to its creator Gerry Anderson. Thunderbirds was one of several “supermarionation” television series produced by Gerry Anderson and his wife, Sylvia, in the 1960s. Other examples aside from Thunderbirds include Joe 90 and Captain Scarlet.


Perhaps the most successful/memorable of those Anderson shows was Thunderbirds which is still fondly remembered today. The likes of Parker and Lady Penelope have gone down as iconic cult characters and those puppets and elaborate stunts in each action packed episode entertained millions across the world. In the 1990s thanks to repeats on BBC Two the series enjoyed something of a revival with a new generation of fans discovering the series. Now it looks as though that could happen all over again. Gerry Anderson has signed a deal to produce a new series of Thunderbirds – though the producer says it won’t involve puppets and will be “modernised”.


“It will certainly be modernised. It will be a brand new show, keeping all the main characters, all the machines and all the locations. Everything will be changed, updated, with all the mod cons,” – Gerry Anderson on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive Programme


A CGI version of Captain Scarlet was produced for ITV several years ago to mixed reviews. So could Thunderbirds be about to get a CGI version or heaven forbid a live action version – ala the dismal Thunderbirds movie of a few years ago?


“It will have all the elements that made Thunderbirds popular in the first place but will be made with today’s technology and today’s thinking and today’s pace.” – Gerry Anderson on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive Programme


The rights to Thunderbirds are not owned by Anderson but instead by broadcaster ITV who have not officially confirmed a new series of Thunderbirds. However, fans of the series should watch this space because while ITV may not be confirming anything it seems as though something is going on with the franchise.