Parents Television Council Slams Skins

SkinsThe Parents Television Council has slammed MTV’s forthcoming teen-drama Skins, based on the original British series, calling it the ‘most dangerous shows for teens’.


SkinsThe American version of Skins hasn’t even aired yet and its already being criticised by parenting groups. The American version of the British series will air on MTV and its British counterpart certainly isn’t adverse to criticism from parent organisations. The MTV series has fallen foul of the Parents Television Council who have labelled the show the ‘most dangerous show for teens’.


“Despite the MA-rating for Skins, MTV appears to be deliberately targeting teens with its marketing campaign. Skins may well be the most dangerous show for children that we have ever seen. The marketing campaign itself makes light of lying to parents and participating in all manner of harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior. The trailers we have seen thus far make sexual objects of almost every single one of its characters and asks not only for viewers to approve, but to actively participate by posting their own secret stories.”- PTC president Tim Winter


The British series made headlines for its graphic portrayal of teen life featuring straight, gay and lesbian sex scenes, drug taking, alcohol consumption, violence and strong language. However, despite criticisms from parent organisations the British series has been a hit with its target audience and will return to E4, its UK broadcaster, for a fifth season later this month.