Showtime explains why it passed on The Kennedys

ShowtimeBroadcaster Showtime has explained why it decided not to pick up the cancelled mini-series The Kennedys.


ShowtimeWhen History announced that it was cancelling its eight-part drama The Kennedy’s almost immediately attention shifted to Showtime and the broadcaster was widely expected to pick it up. History dropped the drama, even though it’s been filmed and edited, because it “didn’t fit” the broadcasters remit and since then the drama starring Katie Holmes has been looking for a new home – a search still going on. So why did Showtime pass on The Kennedys? Well because “it wasn’t Showtime” – a common excuse perhaps.


“It wasn’t Showtime. I looked seriously at it, and thought it was well acted, well made and very watchable. What it really came down to was that it didn’t feel Showtime. It didn’t feel like premium cable. I have great respect and love for [Kennedys creator] Joel Surnow. He’s got a great cast. It didn’t fundamentally feel us. My vow coming in was to focus on renewable resources, and series are renewable resources.” – Dav id Nevins, entertainment president of Showtime


So where now might The Kennedys go? Showtime has now ruled itself out as has HBO and reportedly Starz has not yet been approached. According to TVline talks are now talking place with DirecTV.