Future of CSI spin-offs secure says CBS boss

CSI: MiamiThe future of the CSI spin-offs Miami and New York are secure says CBS president Nina Tassler.


CSI New YorkThe future of the CSI spin-offs Miami and New York are secure says CBS president Nina Tassler. Question marks have been hanging over the future of CSI: Miami and CSI: New York after ratings for both spin-offs dropped from previous seasons. According to some reports the fall in ratings have been as high as 25% and this has lead some to believe CBS will cancel at least one, if not both, of the spin-offs. However, CBS boss Nina Tassler has said the future of both shows is secure if they continue to perform well in their new slots.


“Both are doing incredibly well in new time periods, given what was there before. As long as those shows continue to be competitive and as long as fans continue to watch those shows, they’ll continue to stay on the air. Both shows have opened up more to reveal the more personal elements of characters’ lives. Add in the Sela Ward character (Jo Danville) on CSI: NY this year and I think we certainly know from audiences and from research that people were interested in her personal life – Nina Tassler at the tv critics press tour.



CSI MiamiIn the past the CSI franchise has proved to be a huge hit for CBS with millions of viewers tuning in but with audiences declining and other franchises facing similar problems it seems as though the age of spin-offs could be over. The Law and Order franchise is also battling declining ratings with Criminal Intent only renewed for a final season while new entry Los Angeles facing an uncertain future. The Stargate franchise faces a bleak future with the cancellation of Universe and plans to release further straight-to-dvd movies of Atlantis and SG-1 on hold. However, Tassler’s words may comfort fans of the two CSI spin-offs who were beginning to doubt the future of the crime dramas.