Monday Ratings Round-Up: Silent Witness Tops 7 Million Viewers

Silent WitnessBBC One drama Silent Witness continued to dominate the ratings on Monday evening slaughtering The Biggest Loser on ITV1. Daytime drama Land Girls returned to BBC One yesterday afternoon with nearly 2 million viewers.


BreakfastThe first edition of Breakfast of the week had 1.6 million viewers for BBC One on Monday morning while Daybreak on ITV1 had 700,000 viewers followed 900,000 viewers for Lorraine. BBC One’s daytime drama Land Girls returned at 2.15 for a second five-part drama. The World War Two drama aired on BBC One last year to strong ratings although some viewers picked up on quite a few historical errors contained with the episodes. Land Girl’s return to BBC One was seen by 1.9 million viewers which is more or less the same rating for its launch last year.


In the evening at 7pm The One Show continued to perform well for BBC One with 5.1 million viewers followed by Inside Out with 4 million viewers. Simon King’s Shetland Diaries at 7pm on BBC Two had 1.3 million viewers across the hour. Yorkshire soap Emmerdale started the week with 8.8 million viewers as the Yorkshire soap continues to perform strongly. At 7.30pm the first edition of Coronation Street topped 10 million viewers with an impressive 10.7 million viewers. At 6.30pm on Channel Four teen-soap Hollyoaks had 1.3 million viewers with 700,000 viewers for the news at 7pm.


At 8pm the first edition of EastEnders of the week had 10 million viewers followed by Panorama with 3.1 million viewers. BBC Two’s University Challenge had 3.1 million viewers followed by Baking HorizonMade Easy at 8.30pm with 2.5 million viewers. The Lakes on ITV1 at 8pm was seen by 4 million viewers. The second visit to Weatherfield of the evening saw quite a big drop in viewers – over 1 million failed to return. The 8.30pm episode of Coronation Street had 9.4 million viewers. The Birth of Britain with Tony Robinson on Channel Four at 8pm had 1.6 million viewers. At 9pm Silent Witness continued to dominate the ratings; the veteran detective drama starring Emilia Fox had 7.1 million viewers. Over on BBC Two Horizon: What is Reality had 1.9 million viewers as the documentary science series explored the concept of reality and quantum mechanics. The documentary put forward the interesting but confusing concept that we are all just a holographic projection from the edge of the universe; alongside other theories concerning reality. The Biggest Loser on ITV1 at 9pm had 3.8 million viewers while One Born Every Minute on Channel Four at 2.7 million viewers.


Also last night the second edition of Episodes on BBC Two, at 10pm, had 1.5 million viewers. Neighbours on Channel Five at 5.30pm had 1.2 million viewers followed by Home and Away with 1 million viewers.