Woman Threatens To Sue Over Hit YouTube clips which shows her falling into a fountain

A video clip showing a woman, in America, fall into a fountain because she was texting and not looking where she was going has become a hit with millions of viewers but the said woman is threatening to sue over its release!

In America a woman is threatening to sue those “parties” who released video footage of her falling into a fountain. The footage shows the woman busy on her mobile phone and not paying enough attention to what’s ahead of her – and she falls into the fountain. The clip has become a huge hit with millions of views on You Tube and has been shown on Good Morning America and in the UK on Breakfast on BBC One.

However, the woman in the clip, Cathy Cruz Marrero, is threatening to sue over its release! The woman told Good Morning America on Thursday that “I was dumbounded. I admit it was funny, but nobody took my feelings into consideration.”.

Her lawyer says they “intend to hold all parties responsible” even if that includes legal action.