Media backlash against MTV over airing of Skins

MTV are in serious trouble today as the media debate allegations that Skins has broken stateside laws.

The US version of Skins has caused outrage across America after its debut earlier this week. The Parents Television Council had been pushing for Skins to be taken off air even before it began. The PTC wants MTV to be investigated into laws surrounding Child Pornography and Exploitation. Click here to read their full press release.

Skins is now being debated and reported on many news channels. On the most watched cable news programme, The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, they talked of the show and what could happen to MTV as a result of broadcasting Skins. CNN HLN also opened a debate on it, showing some clips of the show and counting how long it took before nudity or sexual conversations took place. An item on the show also featured on NBC’s Today Show this morning (pictured above).

It is not known yet whether the broadcaster has broken any specific laws and whether any action will be taken if they have. The US version of the show has already been toned down for the American audience. The fifth series of Skins in the UK begins next week on E4.