Fringe ratings hold in new Friday slot

FringeFringe ratings held steady last night as the quirky Fox drama moved to its new Friday evening home.


FringeFringe got off to a good start on Friday evening as the quirky drama moved to its new slot. The first episode in its new Friday evening home held steady and didn’t see a massive drop in ratings as some fans feared. The fact that Fringe ratings held steady is a good sign though obviously its early days for the show in its new slot. Doubtless though the series fans have gotten behind Fringe to ensure ratings don’t slip and it doesn’t fall victim to the curse of Friday evenings (on Fox).


The episode, titled The Firefly (a sly nod no doubt to a previous victim of the slot) had 4.9 million viewers which is on par with the shows average so far this season. Now that’s more important because Kevin Reilly has previously stated that if Fringe maintains its current ratings then he’ll renew it for a fourth year. So the first hurdle to Fringe getting a renewal has been cleared – ratings have held steady. But as we said its early days and one episode is by no way a clear indication of what’s to come ratings wise.