Cuts in BBC World Service: Hundreds of jobs will go.

In a bid to make annual savings of £46 million by April 2014, the BBC World Service will be completely closing 5 language services and all radio programming.

Medium wave and short wave will be gradually reduced from 2011 to 2014. It is estimated that 480 jobs will be lost over the next year and 650 by 2015 due to the proposed savings. are expected to fall by more than 30 million in 2011 as a result of the changes being made.

BBC Global News Director Peter Horrockssaid: “This is a painful day for BBC World Service and the 180 million people around the world who rely on the BBC’s global news services every week. We are making cuts in services that we would rather not be making.”

BBC World Service will be carrying out a fundamental restructure in order to meet the 16 per cent savings target required by the Government’s Spending Review last year.

The BBC World Service currently relies on Grant-in-Aid funding from the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Horrocks said that the “scale of the cut”, in Grant-in-Aid funding, “is such that we couldn’t cope with this by efficiencies alone”.

The funding for BBC World Service will be transferred to the television licence fee in April 2014 where additional savings will be generated.