Fringe ratings continue to fall

FringeRatings for Fringe continue to drop as the cult Fox series dropped below 4 million viewers on Friday evening.


FringeIt seemed to good to last and it didn’t – ratings for Fringe have dropped again. The Fox series moved to Friday evenings in January when it returned for new episodes. To begin with it seemed as though the predictions of ratings freefall and a quick cancellation seemed to be just that – predictions. For two episodes Fringe ratings held steady and defied the critics who argued the “grave-yard” Friday evening slot would kill the series off.


However, for the second week in a row ratings for Fringe have fallen and this time its serious – they have plunged below 4 million viewers. It’s the kind of drop that should have Fringe fans very worried over its future. According to ratings data Friday evenings episode pulled in 3.7 million viewers with 1.4 million in the 18 – 49 demo. Now some will argue Fringe will rise considerably with DVR but that makes little difference to its cancellation chances – it’s actual ratings that matter in this game.


Elsewhere on Friday evening Smallville had 2.3 million viewers while Supernatural had 2 million viewers.