Government approves Sky takeover

Rupert Murdoc has been given the green-light by the Government for his proposed takeover of BSkyB after offering to sell off Sky News.

Sky NewsIt has been announced that the Con-Dem Coalition Government has approved the takeover bid by Rupert Murdoc’s News Corporation for the broadcaster BSkyB. The approval came after Murdoc offered to “spin-off’ Sky News as an independent broadcaster. The move by Murdoc to spin-off Sky News is to ease concerns about how much of the media Murdoc would directly control. News Corporation already owns The Times, The Sun and Sunday counterparts News of the World and the Sunday Times. Many feared controlling all over Sky and Sky News would give Murdoc to much control of the UK’s media outlets and therefore a dominate position.

Despite the prospect of Sky News being sold off to allow the takeover it will nevertheless still remain controversial to some. There will still be concerns over the size of the Murdoc empire in the UK and its power given it will still cover print and broadcasting even without Sky News. It has been reported that the takeover of BSkyB will mean News Corps revenues would “dwarf all rivals, even the BBC” according to Robert Peston.