Parents Television Council renews attacks on MTV

The Parents Television Council has renewed its attacks on MTV over its controversial teen-drama Skins.

SkinsIf you thought it was all quiet on the P.T.C (Parents Television Council) front then think again because the lobby group has just renewed its attack on MTV. The parents pressure group has taken against the broadcasters adaptation of Skins – labelling it the “most dangerous” show for children ever, calling for advertisers to withdraw their products from Skins and also demanding a Federal Enquiry into the teen-sex within the drama.

For the past few weeks though the P.T.C had been relatively quiet about Skins but it’s suddenly woken up again. According to The Hollywood Reporter the group has sent out an email to its supports urging them to contact Viacom, MTV’s parent company, claiming Skins is adversely affecting MTV. According to TV By the Numbers the email is full of inaccurate statements.

The email claims that “by any objective standard” Skins is a “resounding failure” – as TV By the Numbers points out its 0.5 18 – 49 demo is a rating some shows would kill for. The P.T.C also calls Skins launch audience of 3.3 million as “unspectacular but respectable“. Once again as TV By the Numbers points out 3.3 million viewers for a cable channel drama is hardly “unspectacular ” – it’s pretty dam good!

Now Skins has attracted a lot of adverse publicity for MTV and several major advertisers did pull their products from the ad-breaks of the drama. It’s audience of 3.3 million viewers didn’t stick around and the show is now averaging just over 1 million viewers. A lot of that can be put down to the P.T.C campaign against us which, as with most lobby groups, as been O.T.T and not always accurate with its portrayal of the drama.

Will MTV renew Skins for a second season? It may well do just to annoy the P.T.C and because, at the end of the day, it does appeal to the broadcasters key audience. But it will be a decision MTV won’t take lightly especially given the amount of controversy it has caused.